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Expediting your Marriage Certificate

"It can take 10-14 weeks for your licence to be processed and the certificate to be issued when you order it after the ceremony.  If you take  these steps the processing times can take  2-6 weeks.

Get your licence from City Hall (application for the licence here)

  1. Apply for your marriage certificate online here. Yes, that's right, apply for your marriage certificate on the morning that you are getting married/having your paperwork completed (it won't work earlier). You will get the order number on the receipt at the end. Print this page, or simply take note of this number for your letter.

  2. Write a letter stating your urgency for expediting your marriage licence in order to receive your certificate. A sample letter is on blog here. In that letter, state your Licence Number (starts with a G and is at the top of your licence in red ink) and the order number from applying for your certificate online.

  3. Scan/print copies of any documents which support your urgency (if any): passports, visas, airline tickets, wedding invitations, employment letters

  4. Get an Xpresspost envelope from Canada Post. (Not a Priority envelope, as all mail goes to a postal box)​ or leave me $15 and I'll pick it up for you.

Bring your licence, letter of urgency, supporting documents (if any), and the Xpresspost envelope to me and I will send your marriage licence and documents to the Registrar General. The Registrar General will determine the validity and priority of your need to expedite your licence and certificate.

The exact time that your licence will be processed and you will receive your certificate is up to the Registrar General's assessment of your request once it is received. "

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