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Creating a Life Celebration

II will work with you to create a fitting tribute for your loved one. Every step of the way,  I will be available to answer any questions you have, and make sure everything is well planned.

Rev. Lora Nedkov

Church Candles

What you can expect

Often, families not connected to a church have difficulty finding an Officiant to help them through the Celebration of Life process. While many traditional funeral services tend to focus on religious customs and traditions, celebrants focus on the person whose life is being honoured.  Celebrations can happen any time, and any place of your choosing.   

After you contact me, I will arrange a phone call to get the details of your ceremony,  and to set up an in person meeting. 


During the in person meeting, I will have an opportunity to see photos of your loved one, and discuss your thoughts and ideas for the ceremony, as well as hear anything you wish to share for your tribute. We will also discuss any readings, poems, and/or music you would like to include.

I will then weave in your stories, and create a meaningful ceremony that I will forward for your review.  You will have the opportunity to add or make any changes.


I will coordinate with the funeral director to make sure everything is set up, and guide you through the day.


Includes a family meeting; writing and officiating services , including a graveside if required. I will coordinate music with the venue and bring a speaker if needed.

Package Fee:  $375


Contact Me

Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

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