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Apply for your Marriage Certificate

After your ceremony, I will send your licence by registered mail.  To prove you are married, you will need to apply for your marriage certificate. The easiest way for you to apply for your certificate is on-line here Marriage Certificate

Your certificate will not be available until they have received and processed your marriage licence, so don't panic if it reports that it doesn't exist.


When ordering, the  short form looks like an actual certificate, whereas the  long form is a photocopy of your licence (typically used for immigration and other legal needs).

If you need your marriage certificate quickly, these steps may help expedite the processing of the certificate:

1. Write a letter requesting the Registrar General expedite the processing of the certificate. If you need a sample letter, you can check out  a sample at The Marrying Lady's blog here Sample Letter 

2. Prepare copies of any documents which support your urgency: (passports, visas, airline tickets, wedding invitations, employment letters).

3. FAX letter and documents to the Registrar General (Numbers below are based on urgency)


  • Urgent Fax # 807-343-7459 e.g. Request to expedite the certificate quickly

  • Marriage Office Department # 807-343-7284 e.g. The actual Registrar's Office, but the faxes received here are not treated with urgency.

  • Emergency Fax # 807-343-7445 e.g. Facing deportation within 48 hrs, sudden illness

Information Courtesy of The Marrying Lady

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